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Shot Tower

River Company

Imperial IPA – 8% ABV

Shot Tower Imperial IPA is a full bodied, pale amber, Citra hop loaded, India Pale Ale. Our seasonals are usually brewed in 5 barrel batches and the Southwest "V" IPA has about 4.5 pound of hops in it. Shot Tower has 11 pounds of high alpha hops resulting in a huge hop presense! Not for the weak at heart! Shot Tower is named after the Shot Tower outside of Wytheville VA. Overlooking the New River, Shot Tower was built more than 150 years ago to make ammunition for the firearms of the early settlers. Lead from the nearby Austinville Mines was melted in a kettle atop the 75-foot tower and poured through a sieve, falling through the tower and an additional 75-foot shaft beneath the tower into a kettle of water.

Where to get it

Not currently available in Richmond

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