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Uerige – Dusseldorf, Germany
Alt – 8.5% ABV

Since 2005, UERIGE has been brewing a special extra strong beer for the US market. Our DoppelSticke has an astonishing 8.5% abv and yet there’s no mistaking its taste: Dat is dat leckere Dröppke, as they say (that is the delicious droplet).

After the ‘gigantic herbal aroma of hops’ (Michael Jackson) that surprises the palate at the first tasting, aromatic sensations follow midway: caramelized sugar, malt and herbs, rich nuances of dark chocolate and rum, rounded off with a smooth and shimmering finish.

Apart from being sold in the USA, this rarity can only be obtained at our STICKUM bar – that is, if we have it in store. This beer also has a guaranteed minimum storage period of four weeks, but true aficionados take this to be a mere suggestion – they swear by storing their DoppelSticke in the cellar for another whole year. But then...!

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