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Barrel Aged Flight School

Center of the Universe (COTU)

Abbey – 6.7% ABV – 21 IBU

Flight School is a Belgian Abbey-style ale brewed with five different malts – Mild, Munich, Honey, ESB and Belgian caramel malt. Dark Belgian Candi Sugar, added during the boil, contributes more fermentables while also adding darker color and rich molasses and caramel character. German and American hop add a subtle bitterness and earthy aromas. Flight School is fermented with a yeast strain originating from one of Belgium’s celebrated breweries. After primary fermentation is complete, the beer is aged on dried orange peel. We then moved Flight School into some barrels that we got from Barrel Oak Winery in Northern Virginia. The barrels had originally been used to age Woodford Reserve Bourbon. Barrel Oak Winery used the bourbon barrels to age their port-style Chambourcin. Flight School aged in these barrels for about a month. The result is a deep ruby Belgian-style ale that is layered with flavors – oak, vanilla, ripe fruit, and some spice, just to name a few.

Where to get it

Not currently available in Richmond