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Chin Music

Center of the Universe (COTU) – Ashland, VA
Red Lager – 4.5% ABV

The Richmond Flying Squirrels and COTU Brewing proudly present an amber lager as crisp as opening night and as smooth as a walk-off swing. Chin Music is the perfect brew to enjoy while watching America’s favorite pastime, baseball.

COTU uses water that is similar to some of the great lager-brewing areas of Europe. Four different malted barleys are used in the mashing process. In the boil kettle, German Tettnang hops create a modest bitterness, just enough to balance with the malt. A Czech yeast strain is used during fermentation that leaves the beer looking clean and tasting malty. Chin Music then goes through a cold conditioning period (lagering) until the flavors are just right. Naturally carbonated, Chin Music is then filtered to remove any excess yeast.

The result is a beautiful and crisp amber lager from COTU.

Leave the ordinary beer in the bat rack. And swing away with Chin Music.