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Roanoke Railhouse

Roanoke, VA


Broken KnuckleRoanoke Railhouse
Roanoke, VA
7% ABV
This is one hopped up beer. We use six different types of hops and our unique “hopburst” process to make this tasty IPA. Broken Knuckle has a wonderful hop aroma and flavor, subdued malt with balanced bitterness, with a stunning copper color.
Coal HopperRoanoke Railhouse
Roanoke, VA
Black Ale
Liquid LoveRoanoke Railhouse
Roanoke, VA
Loose CabooseRoanoke Railhouse
Roanoke, VA
Imperial Pilsner
7.8% ABV
Railhouse IPARoanoke Railhouse
Roanoke, VA
7% ABV82 IBU
This is one hopped up beer. This is a great example of our dedication to balance. Don't let our 82 IBU rating scare you. This beer offers parity in the rich aroma and hop bitterness delivered with a uniquely lower after taste. Our version of an IPA is universally more food friendly than others you may have tried.
Switch MonkeyRoanoke Railhouse
Roanoke, VA
Belgian Pale
5.5% ABV
This Belgian style pale ale is particularly great on the hottest of summer days, yet it has enough hop character and body to stand up to Old Man Winter. Light in color, it offers a crisp taste with fruit notes from banana to pear and a touch of citrus.
Track 1Roanoke Railhouse
Roanoke, VA
Amber Ale
4.5% ABV
Our signature lager is a true session beer that is very drinkable, yet robust. Track 1 has a ruby hazelnut color, medium light body and moderate carbonation. A clean lager with chocolate bitter notes along with a lightly sweet and bready malt character, it is balanced by low bittering hops.