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Manassas, VA


American ExpeditionHeritage
Manassas, VA
Wheat Ale
4.5% ABV10 IBU
Honey and ginger notes.
Manassas, VA
5.6% ABV
William Bradford was not only the leader of the Pilgrims and the father of Thanksgiving; he was also a beer lover. So much so that it was all he and the Pilgrims drank. It is with him in mind that we crafted the Bradford Ale. Bradford Ale is not your typical autumn brew. Fermented with organic pumpkin, assorted spices and bourbon infused cinnamon sticks it is a full bodied amber-brown ale that will make you want to take a hayride and roll in the fall leaves while being engulfed in the smell of burning oak in distant fireplaces. From the first smell to the last sip, this ale should be included in you fall survival plans.
Freedom Isn't FreeHeritage
Manassas, VA
6.2% ABV
Honey Ginger WheatHeritage
Manassas, VA
Wheat Ale
4.5% ABV
Manassas, VA
4.8% ABV
Built in 1797, the USS Constitution is a heavy frigate that was made for war. During the war of 1812, she captured multiple merchant ships and destroyed five British warships earning her the nickname “Old Ironsides”. This brew was created to stand the test of time like the ship it was named after. Deceivingly smooth with just enough bite, this brew is built to win not only wars built, but also the hearts and minds of the public. Come enjoy a day on the open seas with a companion that is made for anything you can throw at it.
Kings MountainHeritage
Manassas, VA
Scotch Ale
7.4% ABV
Kings Mountain marks our first debut into Scottish American history. From immortal Claymore wielding highlanders to a decorated list of Presidents, the Scots hold deep roots in our history. Kings Mountain is named after an overwhelming patriot victory in the Revolutionary war fought between forces of both Scot-Patriots and Scot-loyalists. A fitting name for a beer that holds an overwhelming malt filled flavor. Its robust grain bill of malted barley is at the forefront of its taste. Herbert Hoover once said of Kings Mountain, "This is a place of inspiring memories", we hope that you feel the same as you enjoy our Scottish American Ale, Kings Mountain. Remember, there can be only one!
Oak Aged Kings MountainHeritage
Manassas, VA
11% ABV
Manassas, VA
Amber Ale
5.8% ABV
All it takes is a small spark to start a fire. All it took was one idea to start a Revolution. It was the idea of a free democracy that started the Revolution in the British Colonies we now call America. Brewed with the spark of a free nation in mind, Revolution is the beer to make everyone a believer. A malty amber ale brewed with organic oranges, Revolution gives notes of caramel and rye toast with a smooth, lingering finish. An all season favorite, this brew is sure to make you a member of the Revolution.
The Battle of White MarshHeritage
Manassas, VA
Winter Ale
9.5% ABV
Yule Log Not Included As winters grip begins to tighten its hold around you, take comfort in one of our finest, most artisanal batches. A spiced imperial winter ale with complexity in both aroma and taste, its warmth and savory soul could have given Washington's troops additional fortitude as they trudged their way from the marshes of northern Pennsylvania to Valley Forge and the winter that ensued. Toast winters past and those to come as White Marsh takes you into the bright lights and warm spirits of the holidays. It may just make you smile a little larger, laugh a little louder, and remember treasured times and loved ones.
The TeddyHeritage
Manassas, VA
Pale Ale
5.4% ABV
Rough Riders Unite! Theodore Roosevelt's tenacious spirit and bold persona are embodied in this larger than life, hop-rich pale ale. It leads the charge with an over the top carbonated head leaving you with a stache reminiscent of our very 26th President himself. His full-bodied spirit is ever present in the mouth filling, hop bursting stampede of flavor that is the core of this beer. Made from the foundation of our style the Teddy is one of Heritage's first founded recipes. Built for all craft drinkers alike it remains a staple to our name and a Heritage that were proud to share with you. As the craft revolution continues its push across America were proud to lead our charge with the Teddy and we hope you stand with us. Enjoy this beer alone or paired with your favorite dish, but whatever you do, don't sip it or Teddy himself will look down on if he wasn't already.